Extended life support for Windows XP?

Well it did not take many weeks before someone worked out a solution (or hack) for die-hard Windows XP owners. A solution that may work, quite likely with the sort of risk you or I would like to avoid, but allow those who simply cannot let go of XP with (potentially) another (approx.) 5 years of support. Since I blogged about XP earlier thought it nice to do a little update.

This "extended life support" can be achieved by making changes to the Windows XP registry and, plainly put, tricking Windows update services to belive that you have something newer, something else. It's been tested and works but only for 32bit version of XP.

For the full article go here.

It might be worth mentioning that the updates you get will not have been tested on Windows XP, made as they are for newer operative systems. It is true that XP shares a lot of code with newer WIndows versions but that's not the same as saying it will work. On the contrary, other complexities may affect the situation, what works on one computer may fail on another.. at one time.

Should any problems occur, with the subsequent effect that functionality is corrupted, or something stops working, you're more or less on your own. Or at the mercy of some code-geek on the net, and a custom solution that may or may not work. In laymans terms, with layman's eyes, think you're better off going for newer versions. I acknowledge the pains that sometimes comes with such exercises, don't like it myself, which is why I am still on Windows 7 64bit and quite happily so.

One day however, this version too will head towards the plains of the "virtual buffalos" and Windows 8 cannot be avoided. Until that happens and for as long as Windows 7 is supported, I'll cling to it. Best Operative System ever from Microsoft I think, performance-wise well if you need to boost it buy an SSD disk! Cheers!

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