Yeah I am "drupalized", with good reason(s)

Indeed, and I don't say that because it's hip or cool, but because of the platform , the possibilities, solidity, scalability and, not entirely unimportant, safety. Though truth be told, if you are concerned with security then the first thing to consider is to get a SSL certificate for your website, regardless of what it's build with. Especially if you offer any form of login,...

Internet/intranet and extranet - all in one package?

Today many companies, whether larger, medium or smaller have a content architecture and production methodology from a different era. System life cycle have a tendency to be over-extended. While this happens development rushes on, demands with regards to mobility services and social aspects of web applications or content management services increases. Transformation surely can be a difficult business, changing systems resource demanding, potentially very time...

Website encryption - a must (?)

Yes I think so, if you have a contact form, definitely if your website got services that requires login. Whatever these may be. In such a case some form of (basic) encryption is a must and a minimum! Why you may ask? Well for one thing, more than ever data traffic is being traced and tracked, that also includes anything sent via the internet on http:// or port 80.