Include training in your budgets!

Users, developers, architects, advisers and administrators alike, "we" all need knowledge refill. Need to be enlightened, ignited, re-ignited, reminded, made aware of what goes on. As the wheel of IT development spins ever faster, a few years passes on and your business might be out of sync with up-to date solutions. Such may lead to more painful and costly changes. Equally bad, the infrastructure people in the company may also lack training, and (personal) development. Now we're quickly talking real loss of momentum and with it, higher costs, the sort that would make proper taining worth every penny.

Indeed, training may imply more costs as well, accompanied by reduced productivity for the given or needed extent of time. Employees spending time away from their all important function. Away from their project work and incapacitated for hours, or days. But, and I would like to stress this, the price of not having an opportunity to renew knowledge, or refill, is much higher. Especially when, too late to realize, a user find him/herself facing what seems to be technical problems. But which is in fact just lack of knowledge, training, firedrills and best practices.

In our present time people mey change job functions more often than before. This means that someone, right now, is about to enter a new company as an employee or enter a new role. There should always be procedures, like automatic training, mentoring, to help the new employee quickly assimilate the standards, work environment, functions and tips. Whewn someone is leaving a job for function there should be processes to automatically transfer as much knowledge from the soon-to-be ex employee as possible.

I believe this once came up as a hype, and that it was labeled Knowledge Management. Or KN. Fine, good idea, good concept but it costs to produce content. In whatever form stored and documented. But here I am dealing with training, awareness, ps KNychology on many levels which is why.....

Sorry, training not included in the budgets....

.. definitely is the wrong answer or statement. Never plan or budget for any major change where there is no room or budgets for Workshops, training and transformation programs. Consider that what's not distributed may return as security risk factors. Therefore, spend necessary resources on training programs, extrapolate on use of technology for training, or eLearning. Include potential cultural factors and cultural changes, open up for feedback from users. Engage them, interact with them, don't alienate them. Some changes are best executed together with the user base. In and with their full cooperation and blessings.

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