Too much online? Maybe NoPhone is the answer

Is it a joke? Could be, but there's an awful lot of information about it to be found on Apparently some mean serious business and at the time of writing this blog over USD 6,500 has been pledged of a 30,000 goal. So clearly there's a huge demand for no-tech, offline products these days! What is true however is that in an increasingly demanding world/reality, where most of us find ourselves are online all the time, at all times, leaving your phone either deliberately or by accident behind can increase stress level, or... be downright stress relieving.

Both is true I guess, all depends. Don't know about you but speaking for myself, after having had cell phone since the early 90s, not to relate to it sometimes just feels good.

Yep, we probably spend far too much time online, our analog reality is being defeated by the digital reality. Yet, as we are analog beings this is a bit of a paradox, and the paradox manifests itself in a yearn for analog silence, be off grid. Indeed, the mobile dependency is causing problems, for some more severe than others. Coming generations probably will face challenges far greater than ours. Or the yearn for digital services causes a boomerang effect.

Whatever may happen, everyone of us need our time offline.

NoPhone - don't leave home without it? (sometimes)

No tech, no functions, no disruptions, no source of derailment or disturbance. Guaranteed offline all the time, the next good thing besides of actually forgetting about your phone completely. But we're all different, some just quit smoking with no need for any help or assistance, other find such helpful. The key point is, whatever works. Therefore NoPhone may also serve a purpose :)

Width, weight and overall size like an average smart phone

Instant, live change of selfies and screen-"savers"