Fall came - and Apple fell (flat?)

Sounds about right, ok so the title is somewhat of a joke, again. I said somewhat, not entirely. With Fall 2014 came Apple's new operative system for mobile devices iOS8.  Evil tongues claim this must be one the worst iOS updates or versions ever. So bad they had to rapidly release a 8.0.1 version, which they later had to pull back!

Are you one of those who hopped on the update when it was made available? Or perhaps you have a different product?

Well one in our household did it, could not wait and updated (too) quickly. Didn't take long before moans, sighs, curses combined with angry grunts reverberated between walls. One thing was that the update required a humongous amount of storage space, quite another that once the update was done things quickly began to deteriorate. From battery capacity, poor reception on mobile signal and many other issues.

It certainly can make you wonder, when giants like Apple cannot get even the most obvious things straight, don't run (rigorous) testing before victimizing their customers, Just like Microsoft have, or IBM, especially back in the 90s or early 2000s. Released software versions and updates that by comparison made the Black Death look like a successful cure for AIDS or (all) mental illnesses.

All that glitters is not gold

Nope, garbage or trash can also, all depending on material type, surface and coating, glimmer and glitter like gold. in other words, novelties or new stuff may falter much quicker than you can say Cake, Cheers, Prost, BlessYou or Hare Krishna. Me? Oh I am an old server administrator, an oldish type hipsters in the IT industry doesn't like too much. So oldish that I usually skip the first assaults, I mean attempts, by any manufacturer, to push me into hell, and have me become their guinea pig at the expense of product quality or service.

I say onto thee, nay..... UNLESS .... I have an extra server or device, purely for testing purposes.

Throughout my years as liable, technically responsible and scapegoat I've lost count on how many rotten updates I've received, accompanied by vendor's singing praise about the promised land that awaits once the update is done. Almost every time it's invoked a shitstorm, or avalanches of technical SNAFUs that kept me/us awake for umpteen extra hours while frantically searching for the root of the evils.

Sometimes it's not so strange one can suspect the manufacturers just release poor releases to save money. Where we, the clients or customers, are expected to report all and any issue, saving them time to smoke the gremlins out. No I still have not updated my iPhone or iPad, still see red reminders on the App Store icon, get frequent reminders that iOS 8.0.2 is available (press close). But still choose to ignore it, in fact, I probably will continue to ignore it till something stops working.

So thank you Apple, for serving rotten fruit, just to prove my point. To all ye readers, If you want the best out of a product, don't update immediately when something new comes, unless it's a critical security fix. It may pay to wait, and all those of us who did, have reasonably safely escape quite a bit of tech-grief.