"BanIphone"? The future is bendable!

When I first started to read about the new iPhone 6 I certainly didn't think about bananas. That however quickly changed, as reports became to emerge, about it's er.. properties. The press tend to go a little bananas over anything Apple do, or don't do. However this is about a pretty important, expensive and high-end device, something that sooner or later may hurt your wallet, and find its way in into your pockets.

It may be wise to consider, if you plan to acquire an iPhone 6, especially the larger 6 Plus, how you'll keep and transport it. Seems rather evident that shoveling it down in your pocket, especially if it is the big 6 plus model, is a bad idea. At least if you hate it when geometry gets skewed, and your techy favorite gradually resumes the shape of a certain fruit showcased to the right.

Large, lightweight, thin things....

may have a tendency to change shape, especially when exposed to (bending) forces, and some of its properties is malleable. Like for instance, thin aluminum. The trend in the cell phone market is that things does grow, things will get thinner, lighter, and size does matter, especially as the smart phone resumes more and more the position as THE hub for our daily communication, as well as tool and application usage.

I'd be a tad skeptical too, if my $$$ device began (much too soon) to get bent out of shape, or rather, bent into a new shape. Especially whilst considering that what may not seem to bad on the surface, over time due to forces exerted, might affect the durability of my device. Yesterday I lost my phone in a friend's car and was reminded how awfully awkward it is to be without one, even for a short period of time.  May need to consider to get one of these to combat the addiction.

The next step - use of smart memory alloys?

Maybe sooner than we think, smart memory alloys allow the material to return to an original shape. Such material still isn't quite ready for mass market products, like cell phones. For one thing it's not commercially viable, well not now anyway. This however will change, when production costs drops. And it might be one solution to a problem like the one with iPhone 6, and a solution for "BanApple" (could not help myself).

Well enough rant for today, you probably have seen it already, if you haven't then you certainly will see and hear more about the "banana-phone" in the days and weeks to come. Good thing Apple haven't used plastic, or more brittle material. That would have been catastrophic. However, iPhone 6 is bendable, below clip below is real enough. Cheers!